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Thometimes it'th worth the wait!

It has been wobbling for weeks now, maybe even months. The tiniest of movement declared that tooth a "wobbly one". From that moment on, it reserves the right to maintain a constant commentary of .... which foods make it wobble more, which foods make it tickle, how she must eat a certain food so that it won't disturb the wobbly tooth, when the anticipated fall-out date will be, who else in her class has a wobbly tooth, how many teeth each class member has lost to date - and that tally changes daily, how old her teacher was when she lost her first teeth, that Ms. Campbell is allergic to bananas (relevance ?) and a myriad of questions about the specificity of when and under what circumstances it will fall out!  

Despite what Daddy told her - and he knows best cause he's a Dentist - it didn't fall out "by Christmas". How could he be wrong, because "he knows ALL about teeth Mum". That led us into discussions about how nature just happens in it's…