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Thometimes it'th worth the wait!

It has been wobbling for weeks now, maybe even months. The tiniest of movement declared that tooth a "wobbly one". From that moment on, it reserves the right to maintain a constant commentary of .... which foods make it wobble more, which foods make it tickle, how she must eat a certain food so that it won't disturb the wobbly tooth, when the anticipated fall-out date will be, who else in her class has a wobbly tooth, how many teeth each class member has lost to date - and that tally changes daily, how old her teacher was when she lost her first teeth, that Ms. Campbell is allergic to bananas (relevance ?) and a myriad of questions about the specificity of when and under what circumstances it will fall out!  

Despite what Daddy told her - and he knows best cause he's a Dentist - it didn't fall out "by Christmas". How could he be wrong, because "he knows ALL about teeth Mum". That led us into discussions about how nature just happens in it's…

Bring on School 2015!

Ok Ok, I shouldn't be so eager for school to start back. I mean, lets face it, its been weeks of endless summer fun, friendships, swimming pools and mangos that I had been hangin' out for all of term 4! Yes, thats right, it was the long awaited family time with sleep-overs, sleep-ins and Pyjama days.

No it wasn't loads and loads of soaking wet towels and clothes covered in mango slop and chocolate cake to wash. It wasn't a house full of discarded new toys only one week old given as Christmas presents without a place to store them. And it certainly wasn't endless repetition of sweeping sand from the floorboards, food crumbs off the lounge and rabbit poo off the floors because I allowed my kids "just this once" to break all of the usual rules that are set for the school term. They're just boring and stupid anyway ....  "No eating on the lounge", "No rabbits inside" and "No TV until your toys are picked up off the floor"!