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A day in the life of a working Mum ...

So, I return home after a day of filming in the most sublime home I have ever entered! Limewashed 1800mm floor boards (so i'm told by the zen massage therapist Mum, Amy), natural-light flooded lounge room, dining, kitchen, deck and pool area (gulp), over sized neutral coloured low set lounges perfectly placed on a sisal rug and fronting a superb glass and wood coffee table, boasting home style magazines and fresh gardenia's ... oh, my favourite flower! A family home to Mum, Dad and 3 boys - 18mths, 3 and 5!! Yep, she must be busy!

My baby girl turned 3!

My baby turned 3! Yes, my baby .... my last baby... the last baby I will ever have... turned 3! And this baby is the boy I never had! She loves rocks, and dirt and puddles, and mud and pirates and scary crocodiles and spiders. In fact, if you ask her what her favourite animals are, she'll tell you "spiders and cockroaches!" Yes, this girl dashes to the cockroach cupboard in the kiddy farm section of Taronga Zoo before she even thinks about visiting the rare snow leopard, gorillas or even the cute new baby elephants! Pushing the light button on those cupboards to reveal hundreds of cockroaches scampering around the bottom of a sink or red back spiders hiding in discreet places commonly found in the average family home is a thrill that nothing compares to! And she doesn't like dolls! Or prams, or princesses. Oh, let me take that back... she does like to play with dolls occasionally, if swinging them around by their arm or hair and hurling them across the back y…

A Visit to the Optometrist

One of the things I love about being a Mum is sharing a first experience with my kids. And today it was a visit to the Optometrist. It's something they have both been begging to do because one of their favourite little programs, Charlie and Lola, shows Lola going to the Optician (UK based program). And Lola has to wear glasses! Lucky Lola!

And I have noticed my youngest has been squinting and blinking whenever she is front of a screen, which is exactly what I did when I was young and I eventually was given glasses at 6 yrs of age. So, I thought perhaps there is "an issue" in our family, so I took both girls along.

They were so excited, so our compliance with the set tasks were at 100%. Chins in the right position, eyes open when they were meant to. Although it was a bit hard when Emily the Optician approached my little ones eye with a big light and told her to look at me on the other side of the room. How can you NOT look at the light coming at you, like a crocodile bei…

Behind the Scenes - Nutrimetics Shoot

I went for a casting and got booked for a job. It was a still photography shoot for +Nutrimetics, to feature on their sales collateral - brochures, pamphlets, catalogues, training DVD etc....

Not sure if you are familiar with how a casting works, but basically your agent phones you and says a client is keen to see you for a, well, casting! ha ha. That means there is a job happening and they are trying to find the people to make it happen. And if you've been booked for a casting it means that they have seen your portfolio and think that you've got what it takes to represent their brand, or have the look they want to show a particular style etc... So I guess if you've made it to the casting, you've in a way been shortlisted for the job. It's one step closer anyway.

It's important to get as much detail from your agent about the job as possible so that when you attend the casting you actually look like their brief! Of course, the first thing you need to know is th…

Our Island Home

In June 2012, the girls and I moved to a beautiful island paradise in the Whitsunday Islands, Nth Queensland. Yes, the 5 star resort on the most northerly island in the group and the closest island to the Great Barrier Reef. I took the job as Guest Relations Manager and we lived there for 6 months.

I worked, the kids went to kids club and fed fish, went on butterfly walks, watched green tree frogs, and swam in the pool with their little island friends. A truly wonderful experience for the children. It was a beautiful, beautiful time in our lives. x

Have you ever lived somewhere "out of the ordinary?"

Emotional Connectedness

Emotional connectedness! You know, the thing that needs to be going on in order to have a healthy long term intimate relationship with anyone? Where each person is supported, and aware of his/her partners needs? I don't either! Kidding!!

I like how Ron Capocelli "Relationship Coach" simplifies it. He puts it down to 'bids' for connection such as a gesture, a look, a touch, a smile, a joke  etc... and responses like turning towards, turning against and turning away.  Also, Kelly Morris talks about the importance of communication - yeah, I know, fancy even having to talk about it!  Of course its bloody important and how ridiculously obvious it is that it is an essential component for any functioning relationship, but somehow, I found myself in a relationship with basically no communication. Kelly's article "What is Emotional Connection" also talks about the importance of spending unstructured or unplanned time with each other, just hanging out as wel…

I've got the lergy - but not for long!

I'm sick at the moment. It started with a real achy kind of head... a giddiness, a stiffness around the neck and a sore throat with incredible lethargy. My little 3 yr old has it too - poor thing. I hate seeing babes unwell - they don't understand whats happening, they don't know what to ask for, and they are just so miserable. She woke last night in a full fever, roasting hot saying "Mummy the bed is too hot". Sweet thing. She agreed to taking medicine because the alternative with her is to tell her that we are off to the hospital where the nurse has to give you a needle. That's the only way I get paracetamol into her - seriously! While she was roasting, I had the shivers.... I could not get warm all night. Strange ...

Anyway, whenever I get sick I turn to lots of natural remedies, as well as fever and pain relief by way of paracetamol or nurofen. This morning I made a fresh juice containing beetroot, ginger, orange, carrot, kale, spinach and celery.

I the…

Anxiety - more common than you'd think

I bumped into a lovely woman who I have seen around town for the past 5 years. Id see her out and about pushing her pram as I pushed mine, bouncing her daughter at play group to the group song as I bounced my two. She was always friendly, always warm and always seemed happy to see me and strike up a chat, despite us not really knowing each other.

We were in Coles the other day, and started talking. I asked her how she was and she explained that she was now separated from her husband. I said how sorry I was and asked her how she was coping and she said "so much better". I didn't need to inquire much. She began to elaborate, and I also added bits of my story into the mix, and we struck a chord. We talked about anxiety and how it had gripped us both. I told her that I was an extremely anxious new Mum ... both babies had obstructive sleep apnea, one had severe croup, the nights were long and lonely, insomnia overcame me and how I lost myself amongst it all. She seemed surpri…

Coffee Anyone?

I love my morning coffee. It has to be a good one. There is no substitute for a deliciously smooth, piping hot, cup of coffee! And if it's good, it satisfies me for the entire day. If it's not, I find that I am looking for another, and another and another until I find one that finally satisfies me.

Over the years I have owned many a coffee machine, electronic and stove top styles. Percolators, drip-o-lators, high pressure espresso's, pod machines, and DIY grinder and cappuccino machine combo's etc...

For stove top styles, my all time favourite is the Atomic Cappuccino Maker. It operates by boiling the water in the lower container, which creates upward pressure, forcing the hot water through the ground coffee in its secured basket, and drips into its own collecting pot. Then with the residual steam and pressure, you can froth your own milk! And unlike other systems whereby they run out of steam, this never has a problem. I have been served delicious coffee whilst campin…

Welcome to my life!

Hi! I'm Sam! Thanks so much for stopping by. This blog is about my life. Life as a single mum with two delightfully different little girls, living on Sydney's Northern Beaches. And of course, our life wouldn't be complete without the menagerie which consists of one free ranging bunny called Nibbles; our budgie named Rocky (named after my Dads beloved Siberian Husky who passed some years ago now), 3 chooks called Beautiful, Chubby and Pecky and our worm farm! Plus, the odd rescue animal we seem to drag home with us from time to time. 

I work as a freelance TV presenter, in between being a full-time Mum. I basically represent brands on television, mostly in the form of Direct Response advertising. Advertorials are aired inside morning chat show programs, and Infomercials are on free to air TV where you see one or 2 people talking at the camera for a seemingly long time!

In 2012 I fronted 14 ads for Lend Lease. Here is one I did in Brisbane.…