Bring on School 2015!

Ok Ok, I shouldn't be so eager for school to start back. I mean, lets face it, its been weeks of endless summer fun, friendships, swimming pools and mangos that I had been hangin' out for all of term 4! Yes, thats right, it was the long awaited family time with sleep-overs, sleep-ins and Pyjama days.

The "dream" I had of lazy mornings - these are not my little angels! 

No it wasn't loads and loads of soaking wet towels and clothes covered in mango slop and chocolate cake to wash. It wasn't a house full of discarded new toys only one week old given as Christmas presents without a place to store them. And it certainly wasn't endless repetition of sweeping sand from the floorboards, food crumbs off the lounge and rabbit poo off the floors because I allowed my kids "just this once" to break all of the usual rules that are set for the school term. They're just boring and stupid anyway ....  "No eating on the lounge", "No rabbits inside" and "No TV until your toys are picked up off the floor"!

The state of my kitchen bench this morning
I mean, what sort of Mother would I be if I complained that my kitchen bench tops were continuously cluttered with random kick knacks, superfluous toys that I am simply NOT allowed to throw out or even up-cycle, and un-finished meals? Who cares if your dining room table has turned into the family "dumping ground" for all things business, mail, keys, towels, plush toys and new school shoes?

The dining room table displaying the boxes of new school shoes and a Koala  purchased from Australia Zoo !
Throw in a birthday with essentially decorated cake in vibrant green icing that stains all things it has contact with, and turns morning poo's green! And don't mind the fact that the birthday girl blatantly claims, at the point of insisting that a cake be made "I hate cake, but I need something to put my candles in".

Can you imagine YOUR poo?

Add more presents - the same but different because they are for a birthday and not Christmas, and of course the surprise bout or two of NITS! I read endless articles about the pesky critters and the purported "cure all" treatments used by the many self proclaiming perfect Mums out there! I stopped at the suggestion of vinegar and mayonnaise!!  Who does she think she is? (She has to be a tree hugger!). I kept it simple, as simple as treating nits can be..... 4 nights in a row, 2 hours each time, treating two heads at once, once with a lice bomb and then continual doses of conditioner and endless combing through. Patience is all it takes, lots of it! Oh man, I can't wait for school to start back!

PS: Oh NO!! Did I forget to feed the bird?


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