My baby girl turned 3!

My baby turned 3! Yes, my baby .... my last baby... the last baby I will ever have... turned 3! And this baby is the boy I never had! She loves rocks, and dirt and puddles, and mud and pirates and scary crocodiles and spiders. In fact, if you ask her what her favourite animals are, she'll tell you "spiders and cockroaches!" Yes, this girl dashes to the cockroach cupboard in the kiddy farm section of Taronga Zoo before she even thinks about visiting the rare snow leopard, gorillas or even the cute new baby elephants! Pushing the light button on those cupboards to reveal hundreds of cockroaches scampering around the bottom of a sink or red back spiders hiding in discreet places commonly found in the average family home is a thrill that nothing compares to! And she doesn't like dolls! Or prams, or princesses. Oh, let me take that back... she does like to play with dolls occasionally, if swinging them around by their arm or hair and hurling them across the back yard is called 'playing'!

I saw this and it reminded me so much of her
Twist, Tap and Twirl has been tried and as much as we are still mid way through our first term, I know this will be our last. She prefers to roll like a crocodile on the dirty floorboards than follow any directions from the teacher which may help her leap with pointed toes or keep her posture upright. And only last week she was reprimanded for pinching the teacher, so she (happily) sat out one set. I'm not convinced either way, if it's her undeveloped attention span or the subject matter .... So, we have decided to try Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instead. It's a lot more her style .... like .... Ninja Turtles! Yes, her favourite movie is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and our newly purchased robotic Ninja Turtle is her all time favourite toy. I am instructed to call her "Raf" for the red Ninja, Raphael, as she swipes her invisible swords in front of me and moves through the house honing her fighting techniques that are sure to intimidate the 3 little girls who live next door! The Ninja swords have recently replaced the single sword and single hook of Captain Hook from Jake and the Never land Pirates. She waved both like a true pirate (you should have seen her trying to itch her eye with the large hook hanging off her hand!!), and donned the eye patch too. It's a good thing she just likes her own company and her own incredible imagination... no one else needs to be subjected to her "style" just yet! 

So it brings me back to her birthday, and what theme was she going to request for her party? I dreaded the request .... Would other parents of young girls understand if they received a Ninja Turtle invitation from a girl their little treasure goes to day care with? And how do you play Ninja Turtles anyway? Oh no, I couldn't risk having a house full of kids sporting nunchukas, bo staffs and Sais. We've already smashed the glass cabinet playing this game with only one kid as a Ninja, let alone a house full! So with a bit of prompting, I mentioned Jake and Issy, Captain Hook and Smee and told her we could have a treasure hunt!

Decision made! A pirate party it was and with that, I moved up a gear and decided to arrange the most authentic pirate experience ever held on dry land! Tune into my next post called Ah Hoy Me Hearties! SAM x

What party themes have you had at your house?


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