Ah hoy me hearties!

Continued from My Baby Turned 3 ....

It started with a box from a newly purchased air conditioning unit - donated to me by a very sweet gentleman who will remain nameless :o). And he offered to turn it into an authentic sailing ship, complete with head sail, main sail, and crows nest. With anchor and port holes and cannons to boot! WOW! This is going to be amazing I thought. So, I accepted his kind offer and we set out to build the ship!

Fixing the sail 
Tying on the anchor

Fixing the head sail

The box/chest

And I built the treasure chest from a large box and some cardboard which I curved over the top to make the lid. I painted it mission brown. Unfortunately I didn't get a snap of the chest .... It seriously was the best and largest treasure chest full of money - coins and notes - and jewellery and stash's of all sorts! It had real brass latches and a key lock, it had wear and tear as if it had been stored in the depths of an old pirate ship, hidden away underneath the galley, stashed under the boxes of rum!
Bow of the boat with anchor

Profile of the treasure chest - unpainted
Read the clue and follow the instructions
Hold onto your map to be led to the next clue

Watch out for the sharks and crocs!

The clue said : Form a human chain and enter the jungle of doom. Pass the tawny frog mouth owl and you will reach freedom falls! 

Sailing the high seas! PS: Check out the teddy dog in the crows nest!
Swim across the shark infested waters to the safety of Pirate Island

And stop for a drink - this pirate stuff is thirsty work!
Oh NO!!! I have to walk the plank!

The kids ranged from 2yrs to 5 yrs, with a few older friends of my big girl joining us. The little ones approached the "plank over shark waters" with trepidation. Whilst they really wanted to get across, their eyes were fixed on the danger below, and most needed to hold onto Mum or Dads hand.

What a great day it was, and the preparation is what made it so special! How have you celebrated young birthdays? What's your secret to making successful themed birthday parties?


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