Behind the Scenes - Nutrimetics Shoot

I went for a casting and got booked for a job. It was a still photography shoot for +Nutrimetics, to feature on their sales collateral - brochures, pamphlets, catalogues, training DVD etc....

Not sure if you are familiar with how a casting works, but basically your agent phones you and says a client is keen to see you for a, well, casting! ha ha. That means there is a job happening and they are trying to find the people to make it happen. And if you've been booked for a casting it means that they have seen your portfolio and think that you've got what it takes to represent their brand, or have the look they want to show a particular style etc... So I guess if you've made it to the casting, you've in a way been shortlisted for the job. It's one step closer anyway.

It's important to get as much detail from your agent about the job as possible so that when you attend the casting you actually look like their brief! Of course, the first thing you need to know is the product or brand, and then your agent should go into details on the casting brief - looking for female aged 30 - 35yrs, healthy complexion, fresh and fun, they may even specify hair colour if its important to them. Yes I've rolled up to castings and walked into a room full of blonde look-a-likes!

Or the brief may say 'Mother, 35 - 40 yrs, corporate and a little stressed, "wears the pants" in the family type etc'.... Do you see what I mean? The brief gives you a very clear picture on how to present yourself at the casting. Then your agent should tell you exactly what the job is. So, this job was a "stills" shoot, meaning still photo's, for Nutrimetics, for sales collateral, it was for two consecutive days, the pay rate is X etc.... that's about it.

Anyhow, I went for the casting and you can often tell if they like you - that's not always indicative of getting the job as often its not the decision makers running the casting, but casting agents/consultants and they video the casting and show it back to the Director and Producer. Moving on, the job was confirmed and I rolled up to the location (this time it was in a beautiful Bespoke home on the North Shore in Sydney, apparently often used for shoots). Very similar to this .....

And after hours of hair and make-up and wardrobe selection, we ended up with this .....

Nice shots, of lovely women, in a beautiful setting! I hope Nutrimetics are happy with that! x


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