I've got the lergy - but not for long!

I'm sick at the moment. It started with a real achy kind of head... a giddiness, a stiffness around the neck and a sore throat with incredible lethargy. My little 3 yr old has it too - poor thing. I hate seeing babes unwell - they don't understand whats happening, they don't know what to ask for, and they are just so miserable. She woke last night in a full fever, roasting hot saying "Mummy the bed is too hot". Sweet thing. She agreed to taking medicine because the alternative with her is to tell her that we are off to the hospital where the nurse has to give you a needle. That's the only way I get paracetamol into her - seriously! While she was roasting, I had the shivers.... I could not get warm all night. Strange ...

Anyway, whenever I get sick I turn to lots of natural remedies, as well as fever and pain relief by way of paracetamol or nurofen. This morning I made a fresh juice containing beetroot, ginger, orange, carrot, kale, spinach and celery.


I then dosed up on my trusty cold and flu fighters!

No brand loyalty here!
And within half an hour, my symptoms had eased. They really had. It works every time. Of course, the cold has to run its course, but I give it a real kicking with antioxidants and vitamins and minerals and super-foods and it has a hard time holding on for too long!

What do you do when you get sick? Any tried and tested remedies?


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