Our Island Home

In June 2012, the girls and I moved to a beautiful island paradise in the Whitsunday Islands, Nth Queensland. Yes, the 5 star resort on the most northerly island in the group and the closest island to the Great Barrier Reef. I took the job as Guest Relations Manager and we lived there for 6 months.

Aerial shot on arrival. Notice the surrounding reef system.

Our front yard in day light.

What else was there to do?

Early morning glow on the main beach
Dinner time mid winter - life was warm and casual.

Our front yard!

Jacko! The resident 200+kg blue-green grouper. The kids visited him whenever he was in harbor.

On a flight over to Hamilton Island - Langford Island is below us. 
I worked, the kids went to kids club and fed fish, went on butterfly walks, watched green tree frogs, and swam in the pool with their little island friends. A truly wonderful experience for the children. It was a beautiful, beautiful time in our lives. x

Have you ever lived somewhere "out of the ordinary?"


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