Welcome to my life!

Hi! I'm Sam! Thanks so much for stopping by. This blog is about my life. Life as a single mum with two delightfully different little girls, living on Sydney's Northern Beaches. And of course, our life wouldn't be complete without the menagerie which consists of one free ranging bunny called Nibbles; our budgie named Rocky (named after my Dads beloved Siberian Husky who passed some years ago now), 3 chooks called Beautiful, Chubby and Pecky and our worm farm! Plus, the odd rescue animal we seem to drag home with us from time to time. 

I work as a freelance TV presenter, in between being a full-time Mum. I basically represent brands on television, mostly in the form of Direct Response advertising. Advertorials are aired inside morning chat show programs, and Infomercials are on free to air TV where you see one or 2 people talking at the camera for a seemingly long time!
A squeeze from Glenn Wheeler - Host on CH 7 The Morning Show and 2GB radio

On set filming an advertorial on Ch 9 for Mornings.

I have appeared in several large brand TV commercials


In 2012 I fronted 14 ads for Lend Lease. Here is one I did in Brisbane.

I also film a lot of on line video content. 
Me with George Colombaris, filming a segment for Kidspot and Bulla Cream
Aside from that, I'm a Mum. I'm a full-time Mum, living the frantic life of school drop offs and pick ups, day care dilemma's, making lunches, doing homework, taking kids to the park, play dates, craft, making dinners, doing laundry and more laundry and drowning in piles of laundry! Oh, did I mention laundry? And I teach yoga too! How could I have forgotten that?! Ommmmmmmm ..... And, I am still trying to find time in the day just for me...... does that exist? I do hope to get some of that soon!

How do you find time in the day just for you?


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